User Stories

Here are some helpful pointers for writing User Stories

Story template
  1. “As a <User or role>
  2. I want <Business Functionality>
  3. So that <Business Justification>”
  1. As a Account Holder,
  2. I want to be able to withdraw funds from my checking account,
  3. So that I can buy some bling.
Stories are not
  • “mini” Use Cases
  • a complete specification
  • a contract
  • intended to be interpreted without a Product Owner
User Stories guidelines
  • Testable – Tangible acceptance tests can be written against any delivered software
  • The scope of the User Story is manage-able enough for the team to provide an Estimate
  • Independent and do not rely on other Stories
  • Sized appropriately.. Have a level of effort which the team can comfortably achieve in the duration of a single iteration