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Picasa photos in your BlogEngine site

I’ve been having a play with Picasa API, and come up with this Extension for BlogEngine.

All you have to do is pake the picture.cs file and place it in “\App_Code\Extensions” folder, and it takes care of everything for you.

Picture.zip (1.92 kb)

How it works

First the extension will use the admin email address and then add all the newletter e-mail address to a user list, then check with Picasa to see if they have an account.  The extension then has a list of user with valid Picasa Albums.

When you open an article the extension will go over all the Tags and see if any of the Picasa Albums in your user list has the same tags, if it does then the photos will be added to the article.

I do Cache the objects, so once the initial load of the article has taken place it is stored in Cache, as it can take some time to compile the list of photos depending how many active user Picasa Albums you have.

One enhancement I would like to include is for the loading of the photos to happen behind the scenes and show a wait icon while the extension goes and gets the photos from Picasa.  But I’m not sure how to do this in an Extension, if you know please let me know too.

I’ve got it working on my Village Website