Setting up a NuGet Server

Whether it’s your company restricts which third-party libraries their developers may use or just you need your own private repository to store all your protected work.  A NuGet Server is what you are after.

Before I start I need to mention a few things about NuGet Gallery, which I spent a good two days trying to get working correctly on Azure and failed and in the end ended up generating a very basic Nuget Server to host all the libraries.

This all can be done with just four simple steps

  1. Create a new DotNet Core Web MVC Application
  2. Install nuget.server (
  3. Deploy your application to your website

That is it, if you fire up your server you should see a screen like this:

That is it you now have a hosted Nuget Server, next we’ll look at deploying your solution to the Nuget Server

Full details can be found here: Host Your Own NuGet Server or How To Create Local NuGet Server