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Personal Profile

I am a hands-on, SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the full development lifecycle, Microsoft C# developer using Azure and MVC as my preferred tools.

I have worked with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years building software for some of the world’s leading private and public sector companies, applying both technical knowledge and managerial expertise.

My preferred technology stack includes C#, Azure, MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server.  I also know VB.NET, and I’m not afraid to use it!

An integral part of my work is to provide my clients with a high standard of understandable technical documentation: I have written white papers, technical specifications, designs, as well as User Guides.  I was the technical reviewer for the “Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework (Expert’s Voice in .NET)” publication ( by Apress.

Using Azure for over 5 years, with 3 years commercial experience, migrating application to the cloud, fully managed continuous integration for all environments.

I have on many occasions provided technical lectures at universities and user groups on topics such as Azure, IoC, Agile Development, NBuilder, Balsamiq Mockups, and the World of the Internet

My technical ability:

  • C# .NET 10+ years
  • Azure 6 years
  • MVC 7 years
  • ASP.NET 9 years
  • Entity Framework 3 years
  • SQL Server 7 years
  • IoC 4 years
  • Team Foundation Server 4 years
  • Test Driven Development 3 years
  • PEN Testing 1 year

In my spare time, I keep fit taking part in triathlons and long distance swimming and run a swimming charity (  I recently swam the English Channel to France, swam 30 miles around Manhattan Island and another 30 miles across the Catalina Channel to L.A. In 2006 I completed an Ironman competition in Nice, France.


May 2017 – June 2017

Technical Team Leader and Developer in Security

I was working on two projects an Encryptor library and Azure automated deployment (ARM).

The first project was to safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets on services used within side PixelPin’s environment.  I provided and developed an increased security and control over keys and passwords along with using an application to ensure there is no direct access for any staff to the cryptographic keys.

I made a single entry point for all the security and provided a standard pattern that is much slicker and quicker than the OWASP Enterprise Security API but still using the core foundations of its interface to ensure backwards compatibility.

Developed and built a Secure KeyStore to store encryption keys and small secrets like passwords.  The KeyStore allowed for different storage locations, and this included everything from secure memory storage, SQL Server or Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s) using the Azure Key Vault.

The second project provided automatic configuration services and scaled those services based on a customer’s demands.  To do this, I built the process using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates.  The deployment of App Services, Redis, SQL Servers, App Insights, CDN’s and Storage Accounts were all part of this implementation.

The goal was to have the ability to limit the number of clicks required to deploy to an environment within the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.  Provided an automated deployment process which took 20 minutes as opposed to 4 hours of manual building. This automation was used for live deployments to new geo-locations and enable the testers to build a test environment that represents the live environment as closely as possible.

My skills employed here:

  • C# 7
  • Encryption (AES, RSA, DSA etc)
  • Azure
  • Azure Key Vault
  • MS SQL (Azure)
  • DocumentDB
  • Azure Templates
  • BitBucket
  • JIRA

BCS (British Computer Society)

October 2016 – current date

SME – Subject Matter Expert

I provide professional advice and consultancy over the complete Software Development Lifecycle, in the production of examination questions which included the following areas:

  • Business Context and Market Environment
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Team Roles and Relationships
  • Application Structure and Development Platform Context
  • Software Testing
  • Configuration Management and Version Control Systems
  • The end-user context for software development activities
  • How code integrates into the wider project
  • Developing software against a set of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Implement software code following a logical approach
  • Code against data sources
  • Follow good coding practices
  • Understand the principles of good interface design
  • Security in software development


October 2016 – May 2017

Technical Team Leader and Developer

Building and developing a reporting system to allow catering customers to view metrics and information on the usage of machines held on customer’s sites.

This was an MVC application, using Telerik controls to provide graphics and reports for the customers.

Managing and building of a facade application that is loaded onto the Kiosk at catering companies offices.  This not only provided a secure environment but also gave Systopia the flexibility of reusing the application for other customers.  Each kiosk application talked to a central secure REST API service that provided all the configuration information for that Kiosk giving full control of the Kiosk from a remote location.


July 2014 – September 2016

Team Leader / Azure Consultant

Start-up business produced a social network platform dedicated to connecting businesses with university students.  Currently, here are over 20,000 students using the website in universities around the country.

I headed up a development team from India to build the prototype, then I migrated the skills back to England to produce an MVC 5, C#, WCF, SQL application running fully on Microsoft’s Azure platform.  With so many people using the website it was essential that full PEN testing was implemented to protect from Hackers.

All the environments used the Cloud, this included development, source control (TFS), project management, and the three platforms, Live, Test and Development, all with Continuous Integration using TFS, to allow easy to deploy applications.

My skills employed here:

  • C# 4.5
  • MVC 5
  • WCF
  • Azure Websites
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Storage (Blobs)
  • Azure Virtual Machines for development
  • Visual Studio Online
  • PEN Testing

BCS (British Computer Society)

August 2013 – June 2014

Lead Senior Developer / Architecture Consultant

Repeat work for BCS (September 2008 – 2009) as they requested I come back to work for them again.

Working on improving the client’s website to allow for general public access to allow them to sign up for examinations and tests. As lessons were limited, the end user would have a limited time to complete the application form and register for a course.

This involved working with the analyst teams, management and testers to ensure that not only the new functionality was implemented, but also the existing workflow still continued to work fully.

My skills employed here

  • C# 4.5
  • MVC 5
  • Azure Websites
  • MS SQL
  • Azure Virtual Machines for development
  • End user Testing

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