About Me

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You have probably figured out by now that my name is Bryan Avery (if not, please refer to your browser’s address field).  Technology is more than a career to me – it is both a hobby and a passion.  I’m an ASP.NET/C# Developer at heart…

I do my best to stay as close to the latest and greatest as possible, and I welcome any new challenges.  Currently, I have just finished with RPS as a Technical Architecture and Senior Developer, using C#, ASP.NET, LINQ and SQL Server.  Before that I spent some time in a few different professional settings working as a private contractor, PixelPin, BCS, see my Resume for a full list and trying my hand out as an entrepreneur when possible.

In my spare time, I keep fit taking part in triathlons and long distance swimming and run a swimming charity (http://SwimTayka.org). I recently swam the English Channel to France, swam 30 miles around Manhattan Island and another 30 miles across the Catalina Channel to L.A. In 2006 I completed an Ironman competition in Nice, France.

And as always you can contact me at b_avery@yahoo.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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