TFS Standards Policy

Rules to organise the process of Checking in and out of TFS is vital for preserving the integrity of our solution.
This list is by no means fool-proof and exhaustive and hence any suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.
  1. Before Checking In or Out:
    1. Consider getting latest.
    2. Check if someone else has already checked the file out. If so, inform that person. This to avoid duplicating activities.
  2. Checking out:
    1. You can check out a file either explicitly by right clicking and select Check-out or implicitly by typing into the file.
    2. Before Checking-Out, check that the file is already checked out by another person; if so, inform that user, this to avoid duplicating activities.
  3. Checking In:
    1. Before checking in make sure:
      1. The modified code compiles.
      2. The entire solution builds successfully.
      3. StyleCop rules implemented.
      4. Code reviewer is present.
    2. Add clear and concise description to what has been changed and why.
    3. Assign to Work Item(s) ID
    4. Code reviewer name entered.
    5. Never Auto-Merge; always merge manually.
    6. Check that all new files, or relevant assembly in the global Library folder, have been successfully added to TFS. Missing such files might trigger Build Server failure.
  4. After checking in keep an eye on the Build Server notification for successful build.
  5. At the end of the working day; if the coding is not successfully completed, you must “Shelf” the files within TFS.
  6. Make sure to regularly update relevant work items with progress and relevant comment.