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Create SubVersion on an Internet machine via port 80


It’s nice to use SubVersion locally, after seeing that CodePlex now supporting SVN over HTTP, I thought I’d give it ago.  

Here all all the steps for allowing you to use SVN via port 80 and SVN:

The subversion server, download the source, not third party application, installer at 


does not include Apache, it includes the subversion modules that work with apache but not apache itself.


After installing the package you will need to set svnserve up to be a service, there are instructions for this at:


Essentially you need to do:

md c:\subversion-repositories

sc create Subversion binpath= “c:\program files\subversion\bin\svnserve.exe –service -r c:\subversion-repositories” displayname= “Subversion Server” depend= Tcpip



net start Subversion


This sets up the subversion service and starts it, you will then need to create your repository

“c:\program files\subversion\bin\svnadmin” create c:\subversion-repositories\repos


You now have a svn server running with a repository called my-repos available at svn://<server-ip>/repos


At this point the repository will be set to anonymous read access and auth write access but will not have any authentication setup, to set this up go into the c:\subversion-repositories\repos\conf folder and edit authz and passwd files to setup the permissions, they are comments and fairly easy to understand.

I’ve attached two working examples for authentication, to help the configuration.

svnserve.conf (413.00 bytes)

passwd (51.00 bytes)