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iOS 6 Passbook problem

So you’ve upgraded to iOS 6 and keen to tryout all the new features one of them being the Passbook, time to get rid of all those printed tickets and even start thinking of replacing that old leather wallet.

So you click on the Passbook





Then you tap the App Store button to see what apps that are supported with Passbook.











If you are like me you’ll get “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” error  Undecided

But wayhay I found the old solution of setting the date forward manually cure this issue.  It takes a few easy steps to manually change the date.

  • Open Settings
  • Open General
  • Open Date & Time
  • Turn off Automatically setting to Off
  • Open Set Date & Time
  • set the date to one year ahead
Now try out the Passbook and you’ll be able to connect to the Apps Store, if you are like me you’ll be disappointed as only two apps are currently available United Airlines and Lufthansa, none of which I use or have any intention of using.
Oh don’t forget to reset your Date to Automatic