SubSonic Autogenerate Database scripts

First of you are going to need to download and install SubSonic

Once installed just follow the steps below

Within Visual Studio

External tools

Title “SubSonic DAL”

command   sonic.exe

arguments  generate /out App_Code\Generated

Initial directory   $(ProjectDir)


Prompt for arguments

use output window


scripting Schema and Data

You can script out your schema and data (and then version it in your favorite source control system) using SubCommander. Simply use the command “version” and tell SubCommander where to put the data:

  sonic.exe version /out Scripts

This will output a script file (.sql) to the local scripts directory of your project



Generate a Version of the Database and Data

Title   Subsonic DB

Command   Sonic.exe

Arguments   version /out App_Code\DB

Initial directory   $(ProjectDir)