RESTfull API using node.js and express.js

Here is a short article to provide a simple RESTful API using node.js.

Why use node.js?

node.js is super fast and handles asynchronous without having to think about coding, it is javascript based and runs on such a small footprint that it is just the way things should be.

I’ve taken the work already be done by @donyangetoh and adapted it to fit my needs.

This is an app demonstrating simple API implementation with Node.js, Express and MongoDb

The api uri precedes all API endpoints and the following endpoints are currently available

  • GET /api/contacts
  • POST /api/contacts
  • GET /api/contacts/:id
  • PUT /api/contacts/:id
  • PATCH /api/contacts/:id
  • DELETE /api/contacts/:id

The source for this example can be found on GitHub: