REST Client / Server API

Here is a simple REST Client talking to a stand along Server API all written in DotNet Core 3.1.

It is loosely based on creating a simple REST Client, an tutorial from Microsoft can give you the very basic features in DotNet Core

I created a simple Server API with one end point to return a password with the version number and which machine it was generated on.

Initial Source can be found here under this tag:


Next stage is to containerise both applications

To build the ServerApi:

docker build -t password-api -f Docker/ServerApi/Dockerfile .

To run the ServerApi:

docker run -p 5001:5001 password-api

Like wise with the Web Api Client just replace the name with web-api-client


Next I’ve generated the docker-compose.yml file to allow for a single build to the environment.

It is as simple as running the single line to build everything for you

docker-compose -f Docker/docker-compose.yml up -d --build