PRETEC i-DISK – how to rescue

I recently purchased a Pertec i-Disk Bullet 32Gb, and within a hour I had broken it, it had become write protected, not sure why.  After an e-mail to Pertec support they sent me a solution to solve the problem, here is what they said and how to get your i-Disk working again

Please use USB flash drive recovery tool as attach file. And repair unworkable i-Disk Bulletproof as following procedures;

If this utility still can’t help you to repair your failure Bulletproof USB, we suggest you can send back the USB to original purchased store/vendor,

They will provide you RMA service for further check and repair process.

URescue utility repairing procedures:

1.           Backup your personal data stored in i-Disk Bulletproof if available.

2.           Plug unworkable i-Disk Bulletproof into a safety virus-free desktop or notebook computer.

3.           Execute “URescue.exe”, click “Update” button to repair i-Disk Bulletproof.

4.           Please be remind, all data stored in i-Disk Bulletproof will be deleted. Click “OK” to continue.


5.           Repair successfully, click “OK” to exit URescue utility. (5.31 mb)