Live Mesh

Just been playing with Live Mesh Beta.


So easy to setup, just visit

You can either run the application from the web browser, or install a local client to your PC.

So I went to take and install the local client on my machine at home, asked it to share a few files, well I also choose a complete folder which contains about 25 Gbyes of information.

When I got to work I went to Live Mesh, sign in, using my MSN login, and as if by magic it appeared I could see all my files.  Only issue I had was that the limit of 5 Gbytes was hit.  So I removed the large folder from the Mesh, and everything was fine.

I install the Live Mesh local on my machine at work, again very simple, and wow I had my files on my desktop, a simple sync process and I could open my files, edit and save them as if they where local.


When you are in a Live Mesh folder, a small bar on the right handside appears which allows you to connect with any machine you have registered, but then I caught sight of Live Desktop, click on it, a small ActiveX install and, hay, I have full access to my home desktop from anywhere on the Internet.  I am so impressed.

The current limit of 5 Gbytes of storage space can be a bit limited at present, but I heard on the grape vine that you can tweek Live Mesh to work Peer to Peer and by pass the Live Mesh online storage.

Overall I am very impressed, it might be in Beta and only provide 5Gbytes of space, but it solves a long standing issue of beable to access your files from anywhere.  

It will be interesting to see what business model Microsoft is to use with Live Mesh goes live.