File Upload does not check content

Is it possible to upload files of any type to the server through web application’s functionality?

Only file extension restrictions were could be enforced and the server may not perform any content checking (apart from possible anti-virus checks).

At the very least, a rudimentary check of the file content/headers must be made to ensure that the file extension does relate to the file content and that both are acceptable for uploading into the system.

Ideally the file content must be checked to ensure no malicious scripts or macros in word documents are present.


All uploaded files should be thoroughly scanned and validated before being made available to other users.

If in doubt, the file should be discarded. Ideally, only files of certain types should be allowed and checking for file types should be done by the server for their content and file extensions, Content-Encoding or Content-Type headers should not be relied upon.

I’ve produced a simple application that checks for file signature when upload that can be used

Anothe rsource of reference can he found here: