Create a subset of Unit Tests with a Playlist

Visual Studio Unit Test Tools comes with another excellent feature to manage unit test as a group /subset, called as “Playlist”. A Playlist is a subset of unit test methods grouped under some category. The Playlist could be a logical subset based on modules, features, layers etc. A Playlist is useful when we want to test a particular set of test cases among all the test methods. In that case, we just create a group of those test cases which may get impacted by our current changes in the actual code, and execute them only to ensure nothing breaks.

You can create a playlist either from the Test Explorer or the main menu by navigating to Test –> Playlist. Let’s have a look how we can do that.

  • Step 1 : Select Unit Test methods together for which you want to create a playlist.
  • Step 2 : Navigate to Add to Playlist –> New Playlist

The rest I’m sure you can work out for yourself, if you want more information on this check out Daily .NET Tips