Caching from a non Web applications

Okay you are developing a WinForm application and you are looking at performance, one area is Caching of information, but wait a minute I’ve been using caching in my web applications for sometime, but how do you do it from a WinForm application as you don’t have a host to store your cache.

Would you know it you can use the web cache too, just you have to take a few extra steps to retain your cache, either in memory or in temporary files.

You can use the HttpRequest to store the System.Web.Cache objects in your application, and this works well.

I also came across any Blog, providing another method to Caching, however I have a little concern over this method of caching in files as you are likely to get file locking.

Using System.Web.Caching From The Console Or Windows Forms

I’ve written my own simple VB.NET application to show it working and just holding the Cache in memory for the life of the application. (17.73 kb)

Of course you could run a Windows Service which holds all the Cache information, this way it will be available to all your WinForm applications should you require it.