Backup Strategy

How may time does it take to lose import files or photos held on your computer before you put in place a backup strategy to protect your files.

I thought I’d share my personal backup strategy, as I don’t just reply on one process, in fact I have three sync/backup methods



Windows Live Mesh

This just has to be the best sync application around, so easy to configure, all you need is a Windows Live Signin and download a small local application and then just select which folders you want to sync.

Once you have sync’ed your folders they are available online or anyother machine you have installed Live Mesh application on to.

With a built in Remote Desktop application allow you to connect to your pc when you are away from home, this is a god send if you forgot something you left on you machine, or you just need to access one of your applications when you are away from your computer.

Currently Live Mesh is in Beta, I think this is due to the fact that it is running on Microsofts Cloud which is not full live yet.

The other draw back is it currenly only supports up to 5GB of storage, so you need to pick and choose what you want to sync, but for most users this is more than enough storage space.


This is an online backup storage application, unlike other backup applications it just works and does not get in the way of your working.  With unlimitted online storage it is perfect for high end users such as myself.  Only limitatation is a maximum file size of 2GB, which is not normal an issue.

External Hard Drive (Allway Sync)

With external hard drive so cheap this is a must have, and so easy to setup just purchase, it arrives in the post, plug it i, format and you are away.  The final step is to find an application that will sync to the external hard drive.  I choose Allway Sync, free download, a little techincal in setting up and getting going, would have been nice if this application had a noddy setup and looked at what and how your machine was configured and prompted you with a possible suggestion for sync.  But it’s free and it works.


So there you have it, three places where I keep all my files, and two places for my music, photos and videos

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