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Transaction scoping within Linq to Sql

If you are like me and us are using an IRepository for Linq to SQL you’ll probably at some point need to be able to generate a Transaction.

As the IRepository saves records as it goes and not on a SubmitChanges() we’re going to have to use the Microsoft TransactionScope Class, from the System.Transactions (in System.Transactions.dll), which makes a code block transactional.

Here it is:

using (var transaction = new TransactionScope())
	//Do something here

    catch (Exception ex)

It is also worth having a look at Implementing an Implicit Transaction using Transaction Scoping for further information on what you can do.

After playing with this for a while I found that you some times get a MSDTC error, to fixes this take a look at:

Fix MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed transaction coordinator) by Pongsathon Keng