Page Notifications

The purpose of the class is to allow the application to display information to the end user.

All that is required is for the calling application to set the Message in the PageNotifications class, e.g.

GradWeb.Web.Core.PageNotifications.Message= "Hello Page Notifier";

The theme of the application will handle the rest, as the design will have positioned and created CSS information to display the message.

Over the course of a page you can add as many message as you like and then will be added to the message.


When the page is reloaded the message/'s will be reset.


Design Considerations

The Page Notification control produces the following HTML

<div class="notificationgroup"><div class="notification">Hello Page Notifier</div><div class="notification">Message 2</div></div>

In order to change the look and feel you will require the following style sheet information