DONE – when done means DONE

When is something done?  What does DONE mean?

In the teams of software development, here is a definition that can apply to this process:

Definition of Done

The meaning of done is an agreed upon list of the activities necessary to get product increment to a production ready state.

  • Development completed
  • Passed code and peer review (Pull Request in BitBucket)
  • All Technical documentation is created and stored in the source repository
  • Sanity check to confirm technical debt is identified and logged in the tech debt register identified and logged/recorded?
  • Testing has been completed and no issues logged against acceptance tests.
  • Deployed and tested against the acceptance criteria in a valid environment
  • All non-functional requirements have been met
  • Regression test packs updated
  • Update tickets, including documentation, annotation and outcomes
  • Product owner/Business Designer has signed off the work.
  • Release to Production

These are the necessary steps that apply to the development process where every you work