Where are those extra features that did not quite make it in the initial release of ASP.MVC 1.0, they can be found on Code Plex, ASPNET


ASP.NET MVC Futures – Microsoft.Web.Mvc

The following are a few items in the ASP.NET MVC Futures assembly:


  • AsyncController
  • ButtonBuilder
  • Html.Substitute CacheExtension
  • FileCollectionModelBinder
  • LinqBinaryModelBinder
  • Html.Mailto Helpers
  • SkipBindingAttribute
  • RequireSslAttribute
  • AcceptAjaxAttribute
  • Html.RenderAction and Html.RenderRoute Extensions
  • Repeater Control
  • ByteArrayModelBinder
and more, for more details check out Maarten Balliauw Blog



Microsoft.Web.Mvc.dll (103.50 kb)