ASP.NET MVC 2 Released

MVC 2 has been released, I’ve been developing an application using the RC and I am very happy with the new features, there are so many, Areas, Auto-Scaffold UI Helpers with Template Customization which I just love.

I’ve just had to un-install my MVC 2 RC and install the official release of MVC 2 and it worked without any problems.


  • New Strongly Typed HTML Helpers
  • Enhanced Model Validation support across both server and client
  • Auto-Scaffold UI Helpers with Template Customization
  • Support for splitting up large applications into “Areas”
  • Asynchronous Controllers support that enables long running tasks in parallel
  • Support for rendering sub-sections of a page/site using Html.RenderAction
  • Lots of new helper functions, utilities, and API enhancements
  • Improved Visual Studio tooling support


To download click here

For more details check out Scott Gu’s blog on MVC 2 Released