XSD to Objects

I’ve been dealing with REST services within WCF, and one thing that has come to my attention is that the calling service or third party only has access to the REST interface and the XSD’s.

The XSD’s holds all the contract information, therefore if you need to generate a concreteclass you are going to have to translate the XSD to an object. 

I’ve have come across the XSD Object Generator frm Microsoft which appears to do the job.

XSDObjectGen.msi (667.00 kb)

  • Hi Brian,

    you may want to look at the WSCF.blue tool. Altough its original intention is to support the pattern of schema-based contract-first design of (WCF) services it also has support for advanced generation of .NET code from XSDs.
    If you have feedback for us, I am sure the team is open to incorporate in future builds.