After finding Screen Toaster some three years ago now, I found out the other month that the website has been pulled, it’s a shame as this was such a useful tool.

But today I found Screen-O-Matic a small java application, like Screen Toaster, that just works.

You don’t even need an account, and if you want to go Pro it’s only $12 a year.  Lets hope that this model is sustainable and long lasting.

Fastest way to Screen Cast

If you need to screen cast then check out Screen Toaster, it’s fast easy to use


  • Register & use it anywhere, anytime
  • No download. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Capture videos of onscreen action in one click
  • Record screencasts, tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more.
  • Share and stream videos online in Flash
  • Embed them on blogs and webpages or send them by email.