Being true to a Promise in Node.js

With Node.js you have the ability to make promises, but what is a promise?

Here is a definition of a node.js promise

‘A promise is an abstraction for asynchronous programming. It’s an object that proxies for the return value or the exception thrown by a function that has to do some asynchronous processing’

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Microsoft Message Queuing

MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) is a message queue that is available by default as part of Windows. A reliable way of sending and receiving messages across computer systems, MSMQ provides a queue that’s scalable, thread-safe, simple, and convenient to use while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to persist the messages inside the Windows database. Continue reading Microsoft Message Queuing

Development Process Flow

Your software team has a process that use to complete work. Normalizing that process–i.e., establishing it as a workflow–makes it structured and repeatable, which, in turn, makes it scalable. With your development team, you can take an iterative approach to workflow management because it helps you meet your goals faster and exemplifies your team culture.
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